About Us



Who are we?

We are a science-based UK black owned brand with the mission to educate and assist women with mainly afro-textured hair by creating products to help black hair thrive.

We pride ourselves in our commitment to carrying out in-depth research and our ability to take risks and speak on ingredients and hair care practices that have historically not served very dry textured hair. Our research into the ingredients needed to create effective, gentle products and the needs of afro hair is evident in the results and feedback from our customers.


Our story

Over a decade ago, our founder Enitan who is now an accredited trichologist, had the epiphany to create a space for black people that ensured they not only have healthy hair but also retain length and volume.

In Enitan’s words, this came from the hassle and discomfort faced at the salons; the hairstylist would often comb my hair in such a rough manner that it would break. In addition to that, there was the feeling of not being able to speak up once in that seat, I spoke up once, and the hairstylist asked that I never return. This got me thinking that there must be others like me who desire both health and length when it comes to their hair and would love a comfortable and trustworthy space to do that.  In search for such a space, I went on the internet and searched for hair coaches in the UK and Nigeria, and my search came up empty, so I decided to fill the gap, and so the Healthy Hair Studio was born.



Our journey so far

Everything needed for our hair to flourish comes down to a science, technique and mindset. Social media is often a blessing and a curse, which is evident in the afro hair community; it provides quick access to information that would otherwise have been hard to get. However, it is also filled with noise and misinformation, which the black hair community often embraces and adopts at an alarmingly fast rate. My approach was to contribute to that noise but through education that can be linked to studies

 At the Healthy Hair Studio, we make it one of our goals to dispel as much misinformation as possible regardless of the noise. Our customers and community trust us to bring factual information.

From day one, we have been oversubscribed, and the pressure has grown tremendously over the decades. One of the reasons the products performance and  people’s curiosity that Enitan, a full Nigerian, has waist-length hair and her daughter has tailbone length hair, which can be seen as an abnormality in the afro hair space as there is a belief that afro hair can't grow long. People want someone experienced to trust with their hair needs based on their experience and results,  someone to give them factual information about products.

 Over the years, Enitan has continued to update her knowledge by taking numerous training; she also went ahead to become a Trichologist which was a heavy time and financial investment. But she understood that it was necessary to get the essential science foundation and credibility which would enable her to fill the gap desperately needed in the black hair community. In Enitan's words, my exposure to women both old and young has opened my eyes to the number of women suffering from hair loss and not just traction alopecia, but they also suffer from of hair loss but cover it up with a wig even though it is telling on them physically and mentally. When asked why they do not seek help, they say the same thing; I didn’t know who to go to.


Why do we keep going?

Enitan feels a strong weight of emotions from the stories of women suffering.  Stories of women who are silent on their hair need because there is no safe space educated and trustworthy enough. We want to let every woman going through this know we understand her pain; she is a mother who wants the best for her hair and that of her offspring; she is a young person who already suffers from thinning hair and thinks she has no one to help her. She is a lady who has suffered from a scalp concerns for years.  There is a problem when professionals give hair advice and products to hair that needs fixing rather than taking their time as hair professionals to understand the hair in its state and how to nourish it. The hair growing out of our head was not a mistake, so it doesn't need fixing. We also see the little ones having society influence how they see their hair at a young age.

Black hair is art and beautiful, but there is also the science behind it which nobody talks about. That is the Gap we fill at the Healthy Hair Studio.  We continue because we hear a new story from a new woman every day saying help.